June 2019

Check out the Talisker Club

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When you are here in Park City you will want to check out the new Talisker Club facility at the corner of Main Street and Heber Avenue. The stately old Coal and Lumber building is being transformed into a fabulous new Club amenity that is located in the heart of Park City’s Historic Old Town with easy access to Park City Mountain’s Town Lift.  Thought you would enjoy taking a look at a photo I took earlier this morning.  Talisker plans to have the facility operational by the end of this month and in full swing by July 4th.

America’s Most Beautiful Mountain Towns

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This May Be One Of America's Most Beautiful Mountain Towns—And A Fantastic Year-Round Destination Only 35 minutes from the SLC Airport, Park City's rugged beauty is complemented by over 100 restaurants and bars, open air concerts, numerous spas and health clubs, plays, independent film screenings, a series of world-class events and festivals, and as many kinds of lodging as there are people. If you're into thrills, try out the... Read in TripAdvisor: https://apple.news/Avdd_LaYiSuqoALSVmKrtOA

December 2018

What Ever Happened To The Log Home?

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No question, things have changed over the years regards to log homes.  In the early days of Park City, the miners built log homes (and it would be quite a stretch to call them “homes” by today’s standards) out of necessity, as there were few options to plane the wood from the raw logs they could easily harvest from the surrounding hillsides. Then, in the earlier days of Deer Valley and The Colony (those two areas in particular), log represented the essence of the West, and a log or timber home, with contrasting white chinking, was the pinnacle of mountain architecture and style.  In today’s Park City/Deer Valley real estate [...]

August 2018

I Can Appeal Your Valuation

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Tax valuations are being mailed now. The Deadline for Appeals is September 15th. If you haven’t received this year’s Property Tax Valuation Notice from the County, you will very soon. If you feel the valuation exceeds the market value of your property, you have until September 15th to contest the bill. Don’t forget that in Utah, property taxes and assessed valuations are billed in arrears, so the Assessor is looking back to year end 2017. If you feel the valuation of your property may be questionable, please send me a copy of the notice and I will research the data and let you know if I believe there is a [...]

April 2018

2018 Q1 Deer Valley Report

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I’ve been involved representing 151 buyers and /or sellers of Deer valley properties over my 20+ year real estate career in Park City.  As you can imagine, data is critical in terms of providing meaningful value-added advice to clients. In that regard, I’ve been publishing the Deer Valley Report since 2008 and the first quarter 2018 Report is attached.  With the exception of Empire Pass condominiums, which were for the most part dominated by closings in the new One Empire Pass complex, the trends in Deer Valley pretty much follow the market in incorporated Park City as a whole, which was down 21% in dollar volume and 14% in [...]

Talisker Club News

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On Saturday March 31st the new owners of the Talisker Club, and the undeveloped real estate at both Empire Pass & Tuhaye, met with Club members and property owners to give an overview of what is coming under the new ownership’s plan.  Saturday’s discussion was largely from the 10,000’ view so to speak, as they will refine the various amenities and other upgrades over the next few months and on July 2nd, they intend to roll out more formal plans. The discussion was led by Mark Enderle, a principal in the new ownership group Storied Deer Valley, LLC, and affiliate of Storied Development (storiedliving.com).  Mark’s background in real estate generally, [...]

March 2018

February 2018

Keeping Interest Rates in Perspective

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Are you looking to buy a home? Then you might be worried about interest rates, but how much do they really matter? With the recently passed tax cuts adding to deficit fears, the Fed is expected to raise short term interest rates. While this means an anticipated rise in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate from from the current rate of 4.33% to 4.6% by the end of 2018, I thought it might be of interest to consider the bigger picture. While rising interest rates are of course a concern to the average homebuyer, it is interesting see so starkly that this anticipated rise still leaves mortgage rates at historically low [...]

January 2018

2017 Deer Valley Report

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It's that time of year again, and the numbers are in! The Deer Valley Report brings you the scoop on the real estate activity in Park City, UT.  As with past Reports, it is broken down by area (Empire Pass, Upper Deer Valley, Deer Crest, and Lower Deer Valley). However, due to Deer Valley’s significant expansion plans at Mayflower, this year the report has expanded as well. Read all about it! 

Sundance Film Festival

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This year’s Sundance Film festival kicks off on January 18th for a 10-day run.  Over 40,000 people are expected to attend and it’s a great opportunity to see independent films from around the world.  This year, 110 feature-length films were selected for the festival. If you want to attend and have not already purchased tickets, we just checked the Festival’s website and ticket packages were still available. Check it out:  https://www.sundance.org/blogs/news/2018-sundance-film-festival--feature-films-announced As a property owner, you have experienced and know that if you get out skiing during the Festival, you’ll have the slopes pretty much to yourself.  Conversely, the restaurants will be packed, so if you are a chef at heart, [...]

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