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I understand real estate development, as my list of developer clients would attest. As a member of Lambda Alpha International (an honorary land economics society) and former member of the Park City Municipal Corporation’s Planning Commission, I offer developer clients special insights that result in well planned projects – that sell. Prior to arriving in Park City, I had worked for 19 years in Commercial real estate development and managed residential, commercial and mixed-use portfolios.

The best development opportunities in the Park City area are usually not listed across the Multiple Listing Service. I have worked with many of the key players in large-scale development in Park City over the last 35 years, and enjoy unique insights to development opportunities that few others experience. And this insight extends beyond big developments and at the end of the day distils down to the local home builders where we can assist in developing market data to help the builder determine: (i) what products have the greatest demand; (ii) what segments of the market offer the maximum profit potential; (iii) what marketing and sales approach will yield the quickest absorption (sales) at the highest possible price. Essentially we can provide the back room analytics to builders and developers who don’t have a team of analysts and researchers in house.