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June 2019

America’s Most Beautiful Mountain Towns

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This May Be One Of America's Most Beautiful Mountain Towns—And A Fantastic Year-Round Destination Only 35 minutes from the SLC Airport, Park City's rugged beauty is complemented by over 100 restaurants and bars, open air concerts, numerous spas and health clubs, plays, independent film screenings, a series of world-class events and festivals, and as many kinds of lodging as there are people. If you're into thrills, try out the... Read in TripAdvisor:

December 2018

What Ever Happened To The Log Home?

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No question, things have changed over the years regards to log homes.  In the early days of Park City, the miners built log homes (and it would be quite a stretch to call them “homes” by today’s standards) out of necessity, as there were few options to plane the wood from the raw logs they could easily harvest from the surrounding hillsides. Then, in the earlier days of Deer Valley and The Colony (those two areas in particular), log represented the essence of the West, and a log or timber home, with contrasting white chinking, was the pinnacle of mountain architecture and style.  In today’s Park City/Deer Valley real estate [...]

April 2017

Park City History – Miners Hospital

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Miners Hospital...this iconic building was located at the base of Park City Mountain Resort...where Shadow Ridge Hotel is now.  It served Miners and their families locally so they didn't have to make the long trek to Salt Lake City facilities...It is now a community center.  I am grateful this historic gem was preserved!

March 2017

November 2016

November 2015

One Empire Pass

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I recently attended the second planning meeting with East West Partners regarding their new building in the Empire Pass area of Deer Valley at the base of the Silver Strike lift. The official name is One Empire Pass. Here are the basics: The building will be what the developer is calling “Modern Organic” meaning there will be lots of wood, stone and glass in a more contemporary style than other buildings in the area. All of the residences will have views of Lady Morgan bowl or Empire Canyon, and they will be “see through” with no central hallways or corridors, and each have direct elevator service to the front door. [...]

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