Traffic & parking in and around Park City is already close to maximum capacity. So, it begs the question: how can the impacts from the development at Mayflower mitigate those two critical elements?

First off, the Mayflower area will include as many as 800 parking spaces which will interconnect to the Village Core through a transit system styled after Mt. Tremblant in Canada.

It will also have a real mitigation impact on traffic – both vehicular and skier.  As to skier traffic, the new lifts out of Mayflower will go either up to Bald Mountain, or into the new terrain being created (by the way, most of this new terrain is north facing). Right now, the skier traffic for those taking the Jordanelle Gondola, puts them down in Snow Park – the busiest part of the resort at the busiest part of the day.

As to vehicular traffic, there are no stop lights between the Salt Lake Airport and Mayflower, so day guests coming up from Salt Lake will get to the lifts much more quickly via Mayflower. And, those of us living or staying in any areas of Park City north of Old Town, or any in the Basin as well, will likely be better served staging out of Mayflower, at least with regards to traffic and parking.